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Help save Arkley South Fields in Barnet from development. Join local residents and oppose the plans for a natural burial ground.

What's Happening

There is a proposal for the development of a natural burial ground on Green Belt land next to Barnet Gate Lane, Arkley, and Mays Lane. We are a group of concerned local residents who oppose this development in order to preserve the openness of the Green Belt, safeguard its wildlife and prevent additional traffic in the immediate and surrounding area.

The Area

The 40-acre site, which is privately owned, can be seen from Barnet Gate Lane, May's Lane and from Whitings Hill Open Space. It is ploughed regularly and planted with arable crops such as wheat or rape seed. The land is open in character and has no buildings, structures, roads or paths - in keeping with the fundamental principles of the Green Belt. 


The fields are a well-known breeding ground for Skylarks - a red listed species in decline in the UK - and host many other farmland birds. The open land is an ideal hunting ground for birds of prey that can be regularly seen flying over the area in search of prey. Foxes and deer can also be spotted at dawn or dusk if you are lucky.

Get Involved

You can help us to stop this happening by voicing your opposition. We will provide details of who to contact and how to object. This plan will change an area of Green Belt which is part of our heritage. You can keep up to date with developments by joining our mailing list.

By submitting your email address, you are giving us permission to contact you about the Save Arkley Green Belt campaign. Your details will be held securely and we won’t pass on the information to anyone else.

Latest News

15/04/2018 It has been two years since a PR company held an event in Barnet to promote the building of a cemetery ...

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